RESERVATION CENTRE: (281) 690-7601 


Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years old to enter into a lease agreement. Prepayment of the last month rent and all deposit are required of all applicant(s) at time of lease signing. Payment of first months rent is required prior to move into the rental unit.

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Over 25 Years Of Age

25 and Under Theres A Charge Of $29.99/a day

To Help Your Rental Experience More Enjoyable, We Ask That You Review These Few Rules That Apply

1) Please Return At Proper Time

2)Return The Vehicle in Clean Condition,An extra charge will be applied upto $124.99

3) Return The Vehicle With Same Amount Of Fuel As You Received it

4) In case of Accident ,Call THE POLICE, We need to have an accident Report.Then Call your Insurace and US immediatly.

5)Keeping Fluid Levels FULL when renting is the renters Responsibilty

6) Only Drivers listed on the rental agreement are allowed to drive the vehicle.


7) $250 deposit is requied on select vehicles more deposit can apply depending on the vehicle